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Managed Services

Impact on business and its contracting hiring process

When you already have an in-house hired team, why need to outsource the company’s recruitment? Even when the team is working smoothly, you should ask whether the workforce is efficient and whether it is worth investing in the team. Before relying on your workforce, make sure that you have hired the right one for your organization. Temporary contract jobs in Malaysia are something in demand in most organizations these days. Let’s find out what the reasons are behind it.

Companies often fail to have the best talent to hire in Malaysia and don’t get visibility with their workforce practice. This is where managed service from staffing agencies can be beneficial for the business, and one such is Mytalents. Managed service by us includes the following for your business:

  • Enhance access to talent
  • Have better visibility of spend
  • Lower the costs of hiring talents
  • Improve the compliance of the company
How our managed Services are suitable for your business organization?

In this growing competitive world and complex talent market, utilizing a managed service can benefit the business. Let’s find out how.

  1. Visibility
    The managed service gives better visibility to the organization over the non-permanent workforce. Be it short-term jobs in Malaysia to contractors and freelancers, the MyTalents MSP team uses expertise to hire the best talent for business benefit. Having the MSP is like relieving HR from the daunting task of hiring the best talents to include in the workforce who can contribute effectively to the business.
  2. Helps to save cost and agility
    The managed services are experts in hiring potential talent in this competitive market. The dedicated team is well-equipped, and this should be for most companies hiring in Malaysia so that they can pick the right talent from the market. Using MSP, it is possible to make business agile and improve the team’s efficiency.
  3. Scalability of the business
    For staff augmentation, the MyTalents staffing agency is better to rely on the assistance of managed services. We do the right source hiring that can alter the quality of the outcome for the good of the business. The MSP provides the scalability needed to pick the best talents for the business.
  4. Ease of global reach
    As companies become global, the MSP can help handle employment laws better, making it beneficial for the business. It also helps in the ease of global reach of the business.
    Therefore, by leaning on MSP, a business can get help from extensive knowledge of the services. It helps the business save a great deal and turns out to be a profitable business.
How our managed service effectively contributes to the growth of the staffing industry?

The managed service is beneficial for the staffing industry in more than one way, and they are listed in the following part.

Hiring talents is effective

No one can deny that it is imperative to hire the most qualified talents in the competitive market, and finding the right one is crucial to the success of any business strategy. With the MSP program, companies are able to dynamically increase staffing levels for special projects, improve coverage during peak times and easily recruit top talents. However, by relying on a Singapore hiring agency, Mytalents can help get better returns. The primary focus should be to optimize the contingent workforce and, in this way, get access to some valuable talent.

The Role of a Managed Service Provider in Staffing

Mytalents, being the top managed service provider helps you to recruit the best minds in the industry. Mytalents oversees recruitment activities like temporary staffing and comprises a team of program managers and coordinators. Here are the core activities of Mytalents you should be aware of.

  • Obtaining the requirements of the clients
  • Transmitting the requirements to the staffing agencies
  • Mytalents ensures the selection and onboarding of candidates
  • Mytalents gathers timesheets and clear approvals on time
How Mytalents bring Value into your Business?

Here are some ways in which Mytalents adds value to your business.

  • Mytalents is a specialist which handles various types of managed services staffing projects and delivers them on time.
  • Mytalents are experts in optimizing and simplifying the cumbersome recruitment process.
  • Mytalents help you mitigate risks involved in vetting contingent staff.
    As the best-managed services provider, Mytalents execute an SLA-driven workforce.
    With Mytalents, you can now concentrate on your core business processes
The Beneficial Aspects of hiring a Managed Service Provider

A managed service provider like Mytalents takes the responsibility of supervising your company’s staffing requirements, IT maintenance, and smooth administration of your business operations. Outsourcing such services will save your business from unnecessary wastage of important resources like time and money.
And if you want to accomplish non-core business tasks, then opting for Mytalents would be ideal. Do you know that hiring a good managed IT service provider will allow your business to enhance its overall productivity and optimize operations?
A Managed Service Provider, also known as an MSP, will get in touch with reputed agencies to help you access the right resources. Usually, MSPs like Mytalents end up being a boon if you want to smoothly fine-tune business operations.

Get Access to Specialized Expertise

It is pretty normal for small or medium-scale enterprises not to have a dedicated IT department. Moreover, in most cases, they have a one-person team which is inadequate. MSPs like Mytalents have access to tons of experienced IT consultants and specialists who will solve your IT business problems. In this manner, you can get quality talents to optimize business operations by opting for MSPs.

Supervising the Non-Core Business Tasks

As your business operations grow, the IT and management requirements should grow too! This is where you may be forced to give core IT tasks to your non-technical employees. And if you assign your core IT duties to non-technical employees, the results can be disastrous. As the best MSP, Mytalents will solve this issue by handling your non-core business tasks like workforce planning and optimizing invoices. This will allow your employees to focus only on the core objectives of your business.

A Cost-Effective Option

By opting for Mytalents, you would be able to lower various types of labor costs. Moreover, you don’t have to spend behind hiring and training your company’s IT employees. With Mytalents’ access to updated technologies and vast IT resources, they can provide you with top-grade solutions at cost-effective prices. One of the key highlights of Mytalents is that they have clear transparency when the context is about labor fees and cost-savings.

Compliance Checks and Cybersecurity

As a third-party agency, Mytalents is totally accountable to ensure data safety. In simple words, being the best MSP, Mytalents will provide you with the best security standards both offline and online! One of the key highlights of Mytalents is their specialized focus on network security.
In this manner, they ensure the implementation of the highest standards of cybersecurity. Being the top MSP, Mytalents will develop strategies and train your employees to counter a large number of cybersecurity threats like phishing, malware, and identity theft.

And while staffing for modern-day businesses, Mytalents also conduct robust compliance checks and extensive background checks to make sure that you appoint the right employees for your company.

Availability of Support 24/7

As an MSP, it is the duty of Mytalents to ensure that you get quick resolutions for your business problems. In simple words, Mytalents offer round-the-clock support in multiple time zones. Irrespective of the location of your organization, you can rely on Mytalents to provide you with the best support 24/7. In fact, the consultants present with Mytalents offer you effective solutions with a 24-hour turnaround time.

Single Point of Contact

At Mytalents, the consultants ensure that you don’t have to interact with too many people to execute your operations. Being the best-managed service provider, Mytalents provide expert teams led by a single manager who will be your sole point of contact. The manager acts as a single point of contact and makes sure that your issues get resolved quickly and efficiently.

Agile System Maintenance Services

As one of the best MSPs, Mytalents take a proactive approach to remotely monitor and manage all your systems to troubleshoot potential issues. A reputed MSP maintains all your systems so that there is no need to worry about future issues associated with system maintenance. Furthermore, you also don’t have network downtime with the help of an MSP. Moreover, you can end up saving a lot of financial resources as there will be zero downtime.

So as you can see, opting for an MSP like Mytalents is a great way to eliminate upfront capital expenditure. There is no need for you to invest in costly infrastructure purchases. Optimize your business operations today by hiring Mytalents as your MSP. With industry-centric tool stacks, Mytalents will streamline your company operations.

Great access to talent

It is one of the primary reasons why businesses can invest in managed services by a staffing agency for business. Even though the vendor management system has plenty of talents known and has an idea about their skill and experience, it can be challenging to choose the right talent for the right job position. However, this is what the Singapore hiring agency, Mytalents handle the best and most suitable to rely on.

It is mainly the staffing agency that can hire the best one. Instead of investing time in the tedious hiring process, you can invest in MSP to help you include the best talents in your team.

Improved compliance

Make sure that there is no misclassification of workers, and that you get the right hiring. This is how you can rely on a suitable workers team, which helps achieve organizational goals. When it comes to managing a large workforce, requires having the best individuals in the workforce, which is beneficial for the business. This is where the MSP can guide you with the right hire.

Access to the technology world

Staffing agencies in Kuala Lumpur help businesses manage the contingent workforce better for the help of the business. To cope with a flexible workforce, the MSP programs work the best. It also aids in improving recruitment and gives better insight into handling worker wages, location, and other details of the business. With this, the business can run smoothly, managing its workforce in the best way possible. As a result, the right hire would impact positively.

Organizations may face stringent hiring decisions during uncertain times. This is where MSP can help manage the short-term job in Malaysia, cutting costs of the organization in the best way possible.

Role of Managed service in staffing procedure

The MSP manages the temporary employee recruitment for the organization and efficiently helps with the end-to-end management of the workforce.

The managed service program is an effective way for an organization to manage its workforce. An MSP provider can guide with the following services:

  • Give market expertise
  • Help with technology
  • Process efficiencies
  • Handle compliant practices better
  • Spend effectively, in a cost-effective manner

These prove that MSP is an integral part of the work environment and HR and helps manage the entire talent team, from its acquisition via payment, invoicing, and others. Therefore, with the help of an efficient management system, the MSP can give a detailed picture of the status of each member of a team.

The MSP activities would include the following:

  • Obtain the requirement from the client for the business
  • Communicate requirements of staffing agency
  • Ensure that the team selects and hires the right team
  • Collect the timesheets, ease of handling approvals, clear payments, and pay the staffing agency
  • Manage the performance with the help of services from time to time

Therefore, the top companies found that it can reduce overall operational costs by HR outsourcing in Malaysia and handle the processes better. This is how the managed services came into being and helped the business in the best way possible. The MSP also connects Mytalents as a worker supply agency and the clients to ensure and get quick approvals on the hiring process. This is how many MSPs came into being from staffing agencies. Therefore, when approaching one service, we make sure it offers unbiased services.

Is MSP suitable for an organization?

How will you understand that an MSP is suitable for your business? MSP requires a minimum amount of talent speed as it is required to make the speed self-sufficient.

If the internal contingent workforce can adequately control costs and handle risks, how does the organization spend to make the most of its growth? These are some of the factors which MyTalents keep in mind and consider how the company would be benefitted from adopting managed service. The need for such a hiring service would depend on the organizational goals of the business. Accordingly, you can understand how the current program can achieve its objectives on time and within budget.

Value-adds that managed service brings in for clients
  • Managed services are a team of specialists who can handle people and projects effectively, reducing both costs and risks efficiently
  • The team is an expert who can simplify the troubling hiring process
  • It helps mitigate the risks involved with hiring staff and execute an excellent management-driven program for your business
  • With MSP, clients can better focus on core business functions and its growth program when the managed service handles the staff hiring process.

These are some basics of how the MSP helps build a business effectively by identifying its weakness and optimizing it in the best way possible. Therefore, the MSP is almost like hiring a specialized and temporary team and hiring them to fill up roles for the client. The MSP would look after the finding and interview procedure and follow up with the paperwork. This ensures that the right talents are included in the team and can give their best for the organizational work.

Why are Businesses Adopting the Managed Service?

The managed services help with improved workforce recruitment, which is more than hiring and deploying the team. It includes training and administrating the force from time to time, working on effective marketing and cost-effective measures, and checking that managed services are mainly tied up with job recruitment agencies in Malaysia. Here, Mytalents can offer a suitable solution.

The managed services include lead generation, KYC documentation, onboarding of new employees, and others. If it is an e-commerce business, the managed service will give delivery staff, handle recruitment of back-end management, explain to the team how to handle the online business, and assist them adequately. The managed service would conduct training for the new hiring team so that they can deliver the best service to a business.