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Hire the best-in-class IT talent for your company
MyTalents is a reputable talent recruitment agency based in Malaysia, providing premier talent to clients through on-demand access. Our agency has earned a trusted reputation among top companies in Malaysia, and has served thousands of clients globally through its network of over 3,000 talented individuals across over 10 countries. The dedicated team at MyTalents is committed to establishing a talent ecosystem that aligns individuals with suitable opportunities. Our offerings include HR consulting services, such as HR policy and procedure development, employee handbook creation, and HR compliance support. At MyTalents, we recognize that each company has unique requirements and a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient. Hence, we adopt a customized approach for each client, delivering solutions specifically designed to meet their individual needs and goals.

My Open Talents

Hire taskers on the go
MyOpen Talents is a revolutionary platform that bridges businesses and individuals with exceptional freelance talent globally. It streamlines the process of finding and hiring professionals for projects, regardless of their specialty, be it graphic design, writing, or programming. At MyOpen Talents we understand the significance of time for businesses, and thus, aim to simplify the process of finding the right talent promptly and efficiently. Quality is at the forefront of our services, and our stringent screening process guarantees that only the most talented and proficient freelancers are accepted onto the platform. MyOpen Talents believes that the gig economy is the future of work and is committed to facilitating easy access to the best global talent for businesses and individuals.